Tunnel Support Maschine TAM 8500

Tunnel Support Maschine TAM 8500

The Tunnel Support Machine TAM 8500 iis an alternative to the TVP Tunnelling Portal. Rather than being mounted on skids it is suspended from and travels on two overhead rails.

The ability to suspend the rails from load-bearing roofbolts or steel arches is a prerequisite of use for this machine. Up to four longitudinal slider tracks are arranged beneath the overhead travelling bridge frame. Various machines, such as drills, shotcrete manipulators and work baskets, can be attached to these tracks as required.

The Tunnel Support Machine TAM 8500 is moved along the two overhead rails by means of a GTA push-pull unit.


  • High flexibility due to the ability to attach drilling equipment, work baskets and support and shotcrete manipulators on four optional slider tracks
  • Maximum flexibility and parallelisation of opertaions
  • Creation of space for other equipment on the tunnel floor as the machine is suspended from an travels on overhead rails
  • Optimum operation by a user programmable radio remote control with proportional control valves
  • Robust machine design suitable for use in tunnel applications


Tunnelausbaumaschine TAM 8500 EN 1The machine is suspended from and travels on two overhead rails and allows work to be performed on two levels when driving tunnels.

Date 13.02.2017
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