Tunnel Enlargement Gantry TEP 8400

Tunnel Enlargement Gantry TEP 8400

In Germany and in other European countries, twin-track railway tunnels have been in use since the mid 19th century. Many of these tunnels no longer satisfy the requirements of modern railway operations in terms of cross-section.

High-speed trains and increased safety standards mean the tunnels need to be enlarged. The national German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, developed a concept for the enlargemaent of these tunnels.

The demolition, boring, blasting and support installation work was to take place under the protection of an enclosed gantry through which single-track train operations can continue.

GTA took on the challange and developed and built the TEP (tunnel enlargement gantry) based upon a protective gantry. The first two tunnels to be successfully enlarged using this machine where the Jährodter Tunnel and the Mausenmühlentunnel on the Nahe line operated by Deutsche Bahn.


Tunnelerweiterungsmaschine TEM 8400 EN 1The tunnel enlargement machine permits the cost-effective enlargement of old railway tunnels while train operations continue.

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