Drilling Feeds

Drilling Feeds

The concentration of the drilling manufacturers on standardised feeds made of aluminium profile opens two interesting market niches for GTA:

  • Feeds made of steel for coal mining, where aluminium is not allowed
  • Feeds for special tasks which cannot be made with standard feeds.

Two-Step-Bolting Feed (TSA-Feed)

Bolting-, drilling- and setting feed for mechanised setting of roof bolts with integrated adhesives.

To increase the operational safety when drilling bolting holes and setting roof bolts the mechanised TSA-Feed was developed and has been successfully introduced to German coal mining.

By means of the TSA-Feed roof bolts, especially the Minova "Quickbolt" can be set totally from the supported area. No manual operation has to be done in the unsupported area. The TSA-Feed is compatible to all known drilling jumbos and drilling units on road headers.

Once the TSA-Feed is set to the right point, at first the hole is drilled by the drilling part of the feed. Then the bolting part of the feed, which is flanged at the side, is swivelled into the same position from which the roof bolt can be set directly into the hole. The TSA-Feed as a unit remains during the whole process in the originally set position.

Apart from the increase of safety, operating this feed means for the user saving of time for roof bolting. In connection with modern roof bolts like the "Quickbolt" and the installation of lightweigth fibre lagging the expenditure of time for lagging will be considerably reduced as well.


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