Pipe Manipulator 6500

Pipe- and Rail Manipulators

Pipe and rail manipulators are special machines developed by GTA to permit the simple and ergonomic installation of pipes and heavy I 140 V rails.

Pipe Manipulator 6500

Rohrmanipulator 6500

The GTA Pipe Manipulator 6500 is suspended from and travels on an I 140 E rail. The work platform is arranged under the machine frame and can be hydraulically swivelled, raised and lowered. The pipe grab is positioned at the head of the platform and offers all the movement options required for pipe installation.

The machine can be used for lifting pipes of 114mm to 232mm diameter and weighing a maximum of 200 kg from the floor of the roadway and placing and installing them at any point on the steel arch.

Rail Manipulator 4500

Schienenmanipulator 4500

The Rail Manipulator 4500 was developed to permit the cost - effective and ergonomic installation of heavy I 140 V rails. Especially expedient when replacing or fitting complete overhead rail tracks over several hundred metres.

The Rail Manipulator 4500 is equipped for monorail travel and is transported to its working location on the monorail by a battery- or diesel-powered locomotive. At the working place the machine travels independently using the GTA drive units.

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